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Literature comes to Böblingen – also to STAR COOPERATION

23. August 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

This year, one of the biggest cultural events in our region will go down in Böblingen/Sindelfingen and also stops at STAR COOPERATION. The written word will be the focal point during the four weeks of the Baden-Württemberg Literature Days 2017. More than 80 events, from writing workshops to readings to book launches, will be held [...]

Deep into the subject matter: Helmut Anton Zirkelbach at STAR Insight 3

14. July 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

"Deeper than the surface" is the name of the exhibition of artist Helmut Anton Zirkelbach on STAR COOPERATION's premises. Associated with that is not only an artistic claim. The name also refers to the characteristic manner in which he creates art. He scratches, he scrapes, he etches – this way, he literally gets below the [...]

Helmut Anton Zirkelbach at STAR Insight 3

13. June 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

Exactly one month from now, STAR COOPERATION for the third time will prepare the stage for a regional artist and his works. With his exhibition "Deeper than the surface", Helmut Anton Zirkelbach shows at STAR Insight 3, how, in art, a lot is taking place underneath the topmost visible level. He is still captured by the [...]

Having courage to tread new paths

2. March 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

"Having courage is having fun!" That is Johannes Warth's motto. Werner Fohrer also showed courage when he used the new medium Internet as the basis for his art for the first time. Together, they were guests at the first STAR Insight event of 2017. Courage in all its forms: happy, free or daring For the first STAR [...]

STAR Insight 1: Between reality and perception

26. January 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

On 23 February 2017, the STAR COOPERATION introduces the works of the artist Werner Fohrer in an exhibition entitled “Dawn of a new era” at its first STAR Insight event in the year of 2017. The Esslingen-based artist and his art moves between charted ground and the digital new age. This change in everyday life [...]

You have to read between the lines of my pictures

2. December 2016|STAR INTERNAL|

With her artwork, Beate Blankenhorn is telling stories to be discovered by the beholder. This past Thursday, the STAR COOPERATION presented the colorful artist from the Böblingen region with her exhibition titled "Appearance and Reality" at the last STAR Insight event of 2016. Inspired by philosophy and literature She grew up without any pictures or [...]

START-UP DAY 2016: So versatile is Böblingen’s start-up community

31. October 2016|STAR INTERNAL|

The Böblingen Business Weeks 2016 are over. For two weeks, the city revolved around innovation and the business of the future. One of the organizers was the STAR COOPERATION. This past Thursday, almost 100 guests came to see the START-UP DAY 2016 at the company’s Hulb location and to decide who would win the inaugural [...]

START-UP DAY meets STAR Insight 3 – two event highlights in October

27. September 2016|STAR INTERNAL|

After a prolonged summer break, the STAR event year starts with two highlights on 27 October 2016 into fall. For the first time, the STAR COOPERATION will host the START-UP DAY during the Böblingen Business Weeks from xx p.m. and will award the Start-up Award for young entrepreneurs. Afterwards, the evening will merge into a [...]

Agents and poets under the STAR roof

21. April 2016|STAR INTERNAL|

Of psychopaths, plonkers and performers Even from the outside, she is quite an appearance. Dressed entirely in black, on sky-high heels and with the piercing glance of an agent, profiler Suzanne Langer does not beat about the bush much: No matter if it is in our private or business life, we are surrounded by ever [...]

STAR Insight 2: Clash of the word titans

7. March 2016|STAR INTERNAL|

At its second STAR Insight event of 2016, STAR proudly presents a knights’ tournament of a different kind. But our fighters will not duel with swords, battle axes or lances. At the STAR Poetry Slam 2016, the weapon of choice is the spoken word. From 6 p.m., true poetry heavyweights will court the audience’s favor: [...]

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