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Electric walking frame ello is gaining momentum

20. June 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

At last year's START-UP DAY, the eMovements team came in first with their electronic walking frame ello. Now, the young entrepreneurs have updated us on their progress: Development, trade fairs and fresh capital for ello In the past months, the team has made great progress in developing ello. The latest model comes with all the functionalities that will [...]

The tension is building – Who will win the CyberOne Hightech Award?


In the past months, Oliver Messer, Managing Director at STAR SYSTEMS, has been wading through and assessing more than 60 business plans. He is a jury member for the CyberOne Hightech Award, the centralized business plan competition of the South West’s high-tech industries. STAR COOPERATION also supports it as a Gold Partner. Out of a [...]

Following new paths to reach the goal faster: SIG Excubation meets up at STAR

31. October 2016|STAR INTERNAL|

Just how are some start-ups able to be so successful in such a short time? Because they are agile and can react much quicker to changing conditions in the quest for innovation. That is their advantage compared to large traditional companies and technology corporations.  However, they depend on purposefully developing new fields of business in [...]

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