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STAR Expert Day 2017: dodging ‘digitalemmas’

2. November 2017|SALES|

Digitalization is on everyone’s lips – and the same is true in marketing as well. While some companies are advancing, establishing completely new methods of addressing customers to bring their company’s success to the next level, many still feel helpless in the face of change. The will may be there, but how does one take [...]

Funding innovative entrepreneurial projects in engineering and mobility


STAR COOPERATION supports the M.TECH ACCELERATOR As an innovation driver and developer of advanced technologies, STAR is at the forefront when it comes to promoting young talent and entrepreneurs with promising and groundbreaking business ideas. In the spirit of technological innovation, STAR recently met with the creators of the consulting and support program M.TECH ACCELERATOR. [...]

Driving instead of being driven – STAR COOPERATION publishes compendium about efficient marketing

31. March 2017|SALES|

It is well-known that the demands of and the cost pressure on marketing are steadily increasing. In contrast, it is less known how to face this trend and how to make marketing activities more efficient. With his newly published compendium “Efficient Marketing for the Real World – standardized, automated, measurable”, STAR COOPERATION’s Heidinger presents new [...]

STAR Expert Day 2017: High interest in new strategies for efficient marketing

29. March 2017|SALES, STAR INTERNAL|

Marketing is facing new challenges - and more pressure. In the era of digitization and digitization, how can prospective and existing customers be reached and retained, considering scarce Budgets and ever shorter product life cycles? New approaches for efficient and effective marketing are in demand. Yesterday's STAR Expert Day in Böblingen with ist interesting presentations, [...]

Efficiency in Marketing – Practical Methods

24. February 2017|SALES, STAR INTERNAL|

Multi channel management, internationalization, shorter product life cycles and target marketing are the current trends keeping marketing busy. At the same time, the ever decreasing resources cause problems for many companies. The focal issues's distinction varies depending on the industry. Therefore, there are no across-the-board solutions for the increasing pressure experienced by marketing. How you [...]

Staging innovative furniture globally: complete PoS campaign with STAR

14. February 2017|SALES|

Premium quality, inspiring and innovative. A Swiss manufacturer of furniture and interior accessories has high expectations for its point of sale campaigns. Already for the second time, the media and logistics experts succeeded in fulfilling these expectations. In just a few weeks, the promotion kits for both the accessories' and partners' area will be dispatched around [...]

STAR COOPERATION and bvik develop system for measuring performance in B2B marketing

16. June 2016|SALES|

On behalf of the German Association for Industry Communications (bvik), the STAR COOPERATION is establishing a system of key performance indicators for the success of marketing measures. The system will be implemented in practice for the first time in June. Many B2B companies lack in concrete indications for measuring the effectiveness of their marketing activities. [...]

Successful event premiere of Marketing & Sales Day 2016

16. March 2016|SALES|

This past Friday, the first Marketing & Sales Day took place – and the STAR COOPERATION was also present as a co-organizer and partner of Baden-Württemberg:Connected. Almost 200 guests had gathered at Literaturhaus in Stuttgart, among which were numerous entrepreneurs, startups and small companies from the IT and technology industries, to take away important tips, [...]

Marketing & Sales Day 2016: Concentrated know-how for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses

15. February 2016|SALES|

You had a very good idea and now you ask yourself: How can I market my innovative product effectively? How does sustainable branding work? And how can I generate successful leads? Then the Marketing & Sales Day on 11 March 2016 at Literaturhaus Stuttgart is the place to be. Here, you get the answers to [...]

STAR COOPERATION group reinforces marketing division

18. January 2016|SALES, STAR INTERNAL|

The STAR COOPERATION can report an addition to its Group at the start of the new year. As of 1 January 2016, the Karlsruhe-based full service agency Sense&Image GmbH is part of the company based in Böblingen and will reinforce the Media & Logistics division with strong know-how in creation, app development and 3D. The [...]

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