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STARt into work life

4. August 2017|SALES, STAR INTERNAL|

"I will never be able to remember all the names." "Will I find my car again later?" "Darn, where was my office located again? You get lost here so much ... am I on the right level?" These were my thoughts on the first day as apprentice to become a marketing communications professional. Looking back, [...]

“Digital Human What?”


"… Modeling!“ That was always the first reaction I got when mentioning my final thesis. But I already knew that just naming the topic, „Digital Human Modeling“, will not be enough. So I already had the answer ready, waiting for the questioning expression on the faces: "And what does that mean?" I'm now looking back [...]

New STARS tell their story: Johannes Metzger

31. May 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

The next day, there was no time to draw breath. Entering one office after another. Shaking hands, memorizing names, looking into smiling faces, experience the work atmosphere - and to absorb as much information as possible. Picking up and setting up laptop and smart phone came as a welcome break. The bottom line of the [...]

More than making coffee – my internship at STAR


The first day at STAR will probably stay in my memory forever ... I can't really describe my excitement. After my sponsor had picked me up in the foyer, my work sphere adventure started. Moving from the school bench to the university auditorium, here and there a couple of small Jobs. That was my life [...]

New STARS tell their story: Anja Bossenmaier

19. January 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

I've been working for STAR COOPERATION for almost eight months now, in an After Sales project in the automotive area. I also made several new acquaintances in other colleagues from different areas due to the STARter Day and the Flugfeld company run in Böblingen. Various other internal events like START-UP DAY,  TecNet-Forum or the group-wide [...]

New General Manager at STAR ENGINEERING


On 1st July 2016, the leadership ranks of STAR’s technology branch have been expanded. André Riess was appointed as General Manager of STAR ENGINEERING and is responsible for the important area of After Sales Technology. Right after successfully graduating from university, Mr Riess joined the STAR COOPERATION in August 2007 and worked on numerous customer [...]

New General Manager at STAR DISTRIBUTION

27. January 2016|STAR INTERNAL|

Since 1 January 2016, the STAR logistics division’s management has a new member. At the start of the year, Frank Drechsler was appointed General Manager at STAR DISTRIBUTION and is responsible for the growing area of LOGOperations. Expert in contract logistics Mr Drechsler joined STAR COOPERATION in February 2011 as manager and has been supervising [...]

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