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STAR Expert Day 2017: dodging ‘digitalemmas’

2. November 2017|SALES|

Digitalization is on everyone’s lips – and the same is true in marketing as well. While some companies are advancing, establishing completely new methods of addressing customers to bring their company’s success to the next level, many still feel helpless in the face of change. The will may be there, but how does one take [...]

Work together, run together

21. September 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

Admittedly, it was quite chilly last night. At least for the ones who had made it to the airfield in Böblingen to be a cheerleader for this year's Airfield Company Run. But the 3,500 participants were fired up latest by the warm-up program. And this was necessary, because the five kilometer spanning track around the [...]

Literature comes to Böblingen – also to STAR COOPERATION

23. August 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

This year, one of the biggest cultural events in our region will go down in Böblingen/Sindelfingen and also stops at STAR COOPERATION. The written word will be the focal point during the four weeks of the Baden-Württemberg Literature Days 2017. More than 80 events, from writing workshops to readings to book launches, will be held [...]

Welcome at STAR: atec innovation


Yesterday, a team meeting and a BBQ was on the agenda for our long-term partners at atec innovation. But in addition to steaks and sausages, the day also had a surprise for atec's employees up its sleeve. Since 1 July 2017, atec innovation GmbH belongs to the STAR COOPERATION Group. Visiting STAR in Böblingen The brand [...]

Deep into the subject matter: Helmut Anton Zirkelbach at STAR Insight 3

14. July 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

"Deeper than the surface" is the name of the exhibition of artist Helmut Anton Zirkelbach on STAR COOPERATION's premises. Associated with that is not only an artistic claim. The name also refers to the characteristic manner in which he creates art. He scratches, he scrapes, he etches – this way, he literally gets below the [...]

Helmut Anton Zirkelbach at STAR Insight 3

13. June 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

Exactly one month from now, STAR COOPERATION for the third time will prepare the stage for a regional artist and his works. With his exhibition "Deeper than the surface", Helmut Anton Zirkelbach shows at STAR Insight 3, how, in art, a lot is taking place underneath the topmost visible level. He is still captured by the [...]

And the award goes to …

6. June 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

... maybe STAR COOPERATION. But it will take another couple of minutes until the Großer Preis des Mittelstandes Award will be awarded. But first, we had to convince the jury in the second stage of the competition that we belong into the final. For that, Dominik Dussling, Manager of STAR MARKETING, and Wolfgang Kraiss, General Manager at STAR SYSTEMS, [...]

Expert Day on tour: Capture Reality!


The difference could not have been any more prominent. A virtual reality apparatus, motion capturing suits and 3D animations - in front of a backdrop of dozens of oldtimers and classic cars.  On 18 May 2017, the STAR Expert Day went on tour and pitched its tent at MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart. Just a stone's throw away [...]

Coffee, pretzels and good conversations around Böblingen

23. May 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

Earlier than normal, the Green Salon was filled with people this past Thursday. For, usually, our events start late in the afternoon or early in the evening. But this was a special occasion since the Böblingen business community visited us in Otto-Lilienthal-Straße.   Böblingen has a lot to offer Once a month, the local business people [...]

Innovation dialogue on electro mobility at Fraunhofer Institute


New added-value models and cooperative services for electro mobility - those were the keywords at the center of the innovation dialogue hosted by Fraunhofer Institute. Steffen Burkersroth and our graduating student Martin Pagano from our After Sales Technology - Electro Mobility team received exciting insights and new perspectives on electro mobility. Subsequent to the interesting presentations, [...]

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