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Successful journey for almost ten years: PWM generator by STAR


Almost ten years ago, in 2008, STAR COOPERATION's Experts in Automotive Electronics were all set to go. For, our customer VW needed a mobile device to control so-called intelligent valves in its test benches. At the project start for our PWM generator, we defined the requirements for this mobile device together. Initially, we implemented two [...]

Great success at VR hackathon in Stuttgart

22. September 2017|DIGITIZATION|

Emanuel Leicht of atec innovation GmbH and his team have the decisive edge in exiting competition This past weekend, developers, programmers and enthusiasts met up for the VR hackathon in Stuttgart to delve into virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) together. The hackathon's goal was to connect hobby developers, technology fans, students and experts [...]

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