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Thomas Rechner

Thomas Rechner

E-Commerce Manager

Digitization in Retail

26. September 2016|DIGITIZATION|

What is this all about? It's about supporting and enhancing the strengths of retail – service, competence and consulting – by using digital channels. The way how customers get information has changed. Through the internet, he can obtain product information, compare products, load product fact sheets, conduct price comparisons, read product ratings and recommendations and [...]

Through the online jungle with an experienced guide: STAR is Google partner

2. June 2016|DIGITIZATION|

Worldwide, more than three billion people use the internet, both in densely populated metropolises and rural country areas. 98 per cent of these people have already shopped online once or several times. In order to persist in the jungle of millions of internet sites, there is practically just one answer for e-commerce businesses: Google. If [...]

Three paths in a shop – optimizing user guidance and conversion

8. January 2016|DIGITIZATION|

Lets imagine that we have gone live with a new online shop and we are puzzled about its bad Performance. The number of visitors, driven by SEO optimization and SEA campaigns, are fine - but the conversion rate and the turnover doesn't seem right. What should you do? It's clear and can be seen in any [...]

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