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Matthias Ernst

Matthias Ernst

Consultant at STAR. Active in several projects during the last four years: automotive, robotics, software development, marketing. His job is to conceptualize and implement effective communication strategies.

Deep into the subject matter: Helmut Anton Zirkelbach at STAR Insight 3

14. July 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

"Deeper than the surface" is the name of the exhibition of artist Helmut Anton Zirkelbach on STAR COOPERATION's premises. Associated with that is not only an artistic claim. The name also refers to the characteristic manner in which he creates art. He scratches, he scrapes, he etches – this way, he literally gets below the [...]

World record, art and automotive electronics at STAR inhouse exhibition and STAR Insight


  The weather was fair, the food was good. And for the first time, we had our own "STAR Home Brew". The condition for this year's STAR inhouse exhibition and STAR Insight 2, taking place the same day, were great. But also the actual agenda was grounds for interest and a good atmosphere at the [...]

Man and virtual reality – Expert Day on tour with atec innovation


Exploring a building that does not even exist yet. Altering a vehicle's interior with just a few touches. Handling and modifying a virtual vehicle test bench. Virtual reality offers entirely new options to encounter issues close up and personally. The Expert Day "Capture Reality – Man in Virtual Reality" by STAR COOPERATION and atec innovation on 18 May 2017 at [...]

Automated lead generation? STAR goes Marketing & Sales Day 2017

3. April 2017|SALES|

How well do you know your prospective buyers and customers? Are you able to address the right target group with the right content at the right point in time? Can you measure your marketing success with concrete key figures? Everyone is talking about marketing automation. But especially entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses seldom use the [...]

STAR Expert Day 2017: High interest in new strategies for efficient marketing

29. March 2017|SALES, STAR INTERNAL|

Marketing is facing new challenges - and more pressure. In the era of digitization and digitization, how can prospective and existing customers be reached and retained, considering scarce Budgets and ever shorter product life cycles? New approaches for efficient and effective marketing are in demand. Yesterday's STAR Expert Day in Böblingen with ist interesting presentations, [...]

STAR COOPERATION and bvik develop system for measuring performance in B2B marketing

16. June 2016|SALES|

On behalf of the German Association for Industry Communications (bvik), the STAR COOPERATION is establishing a system of key performance indicators for the success of marketing measures. The system will be implemented in practice for the first time in June. Many B2B companies lack in concrete indications for measuring the effectiveness of their marketing activities. [...]

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