New technologies are emerging every day that can make your aftermarket operations simpler, more efficient and more successful. Keeping up with this rapid development is difficult, which is why we’ve taken a closer look at the ten most important tech trends for you. Find out here how to use them in your work in a strategic and meaningful way.

The aftermarket is the easiest and most cost-effective way to retain your customers – and thereby gain profitable additional business. Aftermarket organizations are faced with several questions:

• How can you safeguard, develop and further enhance the growth you gain from your aftermarket?
• How do you save resources and still become more efficient in the medium and long-term?
• And which new digital and innovative tools exist to help you secure worthwhile aftermarket sales in the long term?

The experts at STAR have sought out the answers to these questions and compiled them into a detailed white paper for you:

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Extensive discussions with aftermarket and service managers in the production sector clearly show that technical innovations offer the aftermarket division of your business new, lucrative opportunities to appeal to target groups. In particular, smart devices and processes make it possible for you to be there for your customers 24/7 –
for example by showing repairs directly on a screen or even processing them via remote diagnosis. Keyword: predictive maintenance. Communication with customers also increasingly takes place via service robots. In this way, you can support your customers whenever they need your help and services – even on public holidays.

10 future business technology trends in the aftermarket
Today’s environment requires skilled digital experts to successfully apply the full spectrum of possible tools for your aftermarket. Current business technology trends draw on a mix of strategic tricks – rarely is just one technology used. Aftermarket organizations are much more likely to rely on a whole network of complex systems.
These will determine the future of the aftermarket. And the principle applies: whoever stays ahead of the curve will be the first to reap the rewards. In our white paper, we present the ten most important trends – so that you can advise your customers more efficiently, accurately and simply in the future. The following are key for an aftermarket that helps you proactively support your customers in their everyday lives:
• Smart devices – new customer relationships
• The use phase as a data source
• Artificial intelligence enabling digital services
• Supply chain visibility increasing the availability of parts
• Automation of the core business
• 3D printing in the parts business
• Customer journeys as a design and organization principle
• The trust economy opening up new digital use cases
• Platforms und chatbots bringing customers and brands together
• Augmented reality for training and repairs

You can learn about other issues that influence the aftermarket beyond these 10 trends in our white paper, such as how to generate virtual touchpoints with customers or develop promising strategic approaches.

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