STAR COOPERATION embarked on an ambitious mission: to construct a battery for an electric vehicle using two 400-volt batteries. It was no easy feat. The client that commissioned the project is a major developer of drive batteries and required an 800-volt unit for an electric vehicle prototype. Since it only had 400-volt batteries in its own portfolio, the company contacted STAR.

A high-voltage environment: safety first

During the entire project, the team had to demonstrate compliance with strict high-voltage security requirements. The first step was to disassemble the existing high-voltage batteries. Afterwards, STAR increased the voltage level from 400 to 800 volts. To do this, they had to rewire both 400-volt battery banks and optimize various aspects.

The team also develops the software used for the vehicle gateway, which connects the battery management systems of the two 400-volt batteries. The software is based on the FlexDevice-M. The high-voltage connection and extensive benchmark tests have shown that the project was a great success. STAR COOPERATION received the best compliment for its work: complete client satisfaction.