Exchange your FlexDevice-M or FlexXCon midget for a new FlexDevice-S and receive a 25% discount! The campaign will be active until the end of June, 2018.

STAR provides the best products and services – always. Product development is our top priority. Benefit from our affordable starter device to run your restbus simulations and gateways: the FlexDevice-S. It constitutes an alternative to our existing high-end (FlexDevice-L and L²) and mid-range models (FlexDevice-M).

FlexDevice-S – affordable and powerful

Our FlexDevice-S is the perfect solution for users of less complex bus systems, such as LIN or CAN. The advantage? Its especially economical price tag. We planned and designed the device with the express intent of keeping its production costs low Its quality is on par with our more powerful models, yet it meets the needs of beginners perfectly. You can use it to run gateways and restbus simulations for the LIN, CAN-HS and CAN-FD bus systems and for FlexRay and automotive ethernet. The new FlexDevice-S will be available from May 1, 2018.

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