Create gateway configurations or restbus simulations easily, quickly and, in some cases, even automatically: engineers, developers and technicians have been using the FlexConfig RBS software for years. On April 30, 2018, STAR will release its latest version, FlexConfig RBS 4.4., which features many innovative functions.

Release: what’s new in FlexConfig RBS 4.4

  • Support for the FlexDevice-S

The new version of FlexConfig RBS allows you to use the FlexDevice-S for your restbus simulations and gateways. The reasonably priced starter device expands the FlexDevice product range by STAR COOPERATION.

  • Affordable starter license FlexConfig RBS Starter

The affordable starter license FlexConfig RBS Starter is now available for the FlexDevice-S platform. It supports the CAN-HS bus system.

  • Compatible with Windows 10

In the future, you will be able to use FlexConfig RBS on Windows 10.

  • Expansion for support of the DoIP and ISO-TP transport protocols

A new expansion for FlexConfig RBS allows you to tunnel diagnostic functions through a FlexDevice. You can diagnose control devices that are connected via a FlexDevice gateway.

  • Support for LIN and SENT

You can now use the LIN and SENT bus systems on our FlexDevices and configure them using the Usrfcteditor in FlexConfig RBS 4.4.

FlexConfig RBS: how it works

Combine FlexConfig RBS with the FlexDevice product range by STAR COOPERATION to gain a highly efficient, perfectly coordinated system for your ECU and integration tests.

When you connect the compact, robust FlexDevices to a power source, they autonomously configure gateways or restbus simulations. A PC is not necessary during operation. At the same time, you can use the manipulation editor to modify the sent frames or signals of the gateway or restbus simulation. In other words: you can influence the sent data at any time. At the same time, you can view a visualization of the bus data on a tablet or smartphone.