A proper sports car requires a bold sound. The exhaust gas system needs to produce the right tone at all times, both on the racing track and in the city. A renowned manufacturer of sports cars is using the end-of-line test bench by STAR COOPERATON to ensure that their exhaust gas systems work perfectly.

Three exhaust flaps inside the pipes mechanically influence the sound design, functioning as actuators that manipulate the flow pattern. Our triple end-of-line test bench allows you to test the function and quality of exhaust gas systems and actuator motors. The advantage? You can test multiple PWM or LIN actuators at the same time.

An end-of-line test bench: just what your production needs

If you integrate the device into the manufacturing line of a product, it will immediately release the product after it passes the test. You can also connect the device to your production management. The end-of-line test bench is equipped with a scanner and a 12-inch touch panel. Use the panel to select any one of 50 preset test sequences.

If the test results are positive, you can print a label or laser it directly into the specimen. The label lists production data that unambiguously identify the part until it is installed in a vehicle.