At STAR, we’re always on the lookout for projects that speak to our core values and reflect our philosophy. What matters most at STAR is people – how we live, breathe and interact – and our vision is to support one another and our communities. So when Heather Moore Cooke asked us for help in re-publishing her father’s autobiography in 2016, we were delighted to accept. Coach Mal Moore’s passion for helping others was infectious, and impacted everyone whose lives he touched. Crimson Heart tells his story – and now it’s part of ours.

We began right away by offering advice on self-publishing and marketing strategies. We created budgets for cover options, orchestrated printing and binding processes, and oversaw every aspect of production from design to distribution. Our offices around the world banded together, and our team spirit shone through – everyone gave their all to support the release of this inspirational book.

In keeping with Mal’s giving spirit, the book’s proceeds go to Caring Days, a daycare facility for adults with Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders. Not only is this a fulfillment of Mal Moore’s legacy, it’s an extension of our own vision that people can be their best selves in any phase of life, when surrounded by the care and support they need.

At STAR, we’re grateful to be able to do work we are passionate about with people we believe in. Our goal is to share our talents and expertise in ways that ripple out to make the world a better place, supporting meaningful projects that make a difference, and telling stories like Mal Moore’s.

Crimson Heart is available on Amazon.
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