Digitalization is on everyone’s lips – and the same is true in marketing as well. While some companies are advancing, establishing completely new methods of addressing customers to bring their company’s success to the next level, many still feel helpless in the face of change. The will may be there, but how does one take advantage of the treasure trove of big data? The STAR COOPERATION Expert Day provided answers to questions on the topic of “Digital transformation in marketing” with expert lectures and a customer interview, which represented an example of a successful digitalization project.

Big ideas for big data
Albrecht Heidinger of STAR COOPERATION began the event with a lecture on the “big ideas” needed by companies in order to use big data for their own purposes. He depicted the mix of dread and campaigning that dominates this subject at many enterprises. True to the motto “are you still transforming, or are you already digitalizing?”, these companies are under pressure to finally find a true strategy, preferably one that can solve all their problems immediately in one fell swoop. Heidinger contrasted this to a clear plan of action that can be used to implement digital marketing step by step and transform marketing into an “opportunity engine”.

STAR Expert Day STAR Expert Day

The digital success story of J. Schmalz GmbH
J. Schmalz GmbH has historically demonstrated its ability to adapt. At the start of the 20th century, the company produced razor blades in the Black Forest, while today, it is the world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum systems for a number of industries. Two years ago, when it needed to produce product communication in 17 languages for a broad range of fields, it realized it needed to integrate automation and digitalization into its processes. Marco Ade, Specialist Product & Content Marketing at J. Schmalz GmbH, discussed in an interview how the collaboration with STAR and the appropriate solutions allowed the company to adjust to the digital world.

STAR Expert Day

Digitalization without BS bingo
Internet of Things, Disruption, 4.0 this, smart that. These keywords and more inevitably pop up in any conversation about digitalization. During his keynote address, Felix Plötz, author and lecturer, invoked the audience to look past the jargon. He has noticed the way in which many companies today either close their eyes to the necessity of digitalization or try to force the entire process. He calls this a “digitalemma” – neither approach works. To successfully transform your company, you instead need to understand that digitalization has nothing to do with apps or the like, but rather with new ways of addressing customers. And this in turn has nothing to do with IT, since IT is about managing digital systems with zero tolerance for errors. Digitalization, on the other hand, requires maximum tolerance for mistakes. It demands the courage to abandon familiar paths and try out new ideas. This should not be done blindly, but rather in such a way that the chances of success become clear as quickly as possible. During this process, managers should always entrust the contractors in the company to simply get things done. Overcautious gatekeeping is one of the main reasons why so many companies are still lagging behind when it comes to digitalization. And just as importantly, it’s a management issue as well.

After the lectures and rounds of questions, many visitors took the opportunity to delve deeper into the issues by engaging the experts and other guests in discussions at the buffet.