A successful event with riveting discussions

When Baden-Württemberg’s Literaturtage (literature days) meets STAR’S Insight event series, top entertainment, heated discussions and a great atmosphere are guaranteed. One of the biggest cultural events in the region, Literaturtage was also hosted at the STAR COOPERATION this year, enchanting an audience of more than 90 guests. Set in a relaxed atmosphere, the event was not only about literature and the art of writing, but also touched on politics, the future of mobility, hobbies and life in general.

Literature days invited by STAR® - 01 STAR® hosts Literaturtage event - 02

The literary event’s tremendous success can chiefly be attributed to the impressive speakers. With Edzard Reuter and Stefan Siller, STAR brought two seasoned orators and entertaining business partners on board for its event series. While Reuter is among the most important business leaders in Germany as former Chief Executive of Daimler-Benz, prominent journalist and moderator Siller is primarily known for his radio talk show ‘SWR 1 Leute’. Under the title ‘Mingled’, Reuter and Siller discussed the latest topics from the realms of politics, business and society. The skilled literary duo were able to deliver a highly entertaining evening.

Literature days invited by STAR® - 04 STAR® hosts Literaturtage event - 05

The nearly 90-year-old Edzard Reuter grew up in Turkey, and was especially concerned with the current political state of the country. The more than 90 guests are sure to remember his plea for freedom of expression and a revived culture of debate in politics, business and society for a long time to come.

The engaging event was a successful conclusion to the STAR Insight series for 2017 and whetted our appetite for further interesting themed events in the future.