Successful IHK event and partnership with BLACKROLL

As part of the ‘IHK profile’ event series, company representatives from various industries had the opportunity to gain exciting insights into the variety of products and innovative capacity atec innovation has to offer. CEO Tim Stegmann began by sharing atec innovation’s founding story with the twelve interested visitors, revealing the technology company’s recipe for success: atec innovation is built on a small and flexible team of highly-qualified, interdisciplinary employees capable of quickly grasping technical content combined with high-performance technologies.

This was followed by a tour of the premises, which allowed the company representatives to get their own picture of atec’s products. Participants could experience innovation firsthand at various stations, ask questions about the products and even try them out themselves. The highlight of the tour and crowd favorite was the innovative Speidel Braumeister, for which atec innovation developed a fully automatic brewing control system for use in the household and in the restaurant industry. Equally exciting was the subsequent virtual reality journey. With the help of modern VR goggles, the participants could escape the meeting room for a bit and immerse themselves in a virtual dream world.

atec product portfolio – Blackroll Booster

Next, an example of a particularly successful partnership was presented by Jürgen Dürr, founder and CEO of BLACKROLL. In 2013, Dürr was looking for a company to help him further develop his successful foam rollers and found the perfect partner in atec innovation. A constructive collaboration gave birth to the Blackroll Booster – a vibrating core that amps up the benefits of the conventional roller.

The successful IHK event was rounded off with freshly brewed beer from the Braumeister, tasty snacks and captivating discussions.