Successful trade fair presentation thanks to efficient media supply chain management

As one of the largest automotive trade fairs in the world, the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main regularly attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. Exhibitors from more than 30 countries and a variety of technological innovations from the world of cars draw the attention of professionals across the entire industry. The IAA is a big challenge when it comes to logistical procedures and prudent supply chain management (SCM). A specialist in logistics processes, SCM concepts and project management, STAR COOPERATION was presented with a very special task at this year’s IAA. In order to provide strategic logistical support to a well-known premium car manufacturer, STAR put its extensive expertise to the test by taking over significant responsibilities before, during and after the trade fair.

 IAA confirms STAR’s logistical expertise – 01 IAA confirms STAR’s logistical expertise – 04

The logistics experts at STAR offered services in media supply chain management, digitalization and just-in-time (JIT) distribution planning. Activities ranged from assessing all the logistical demands prior to the fair, to planning and construction of a fair storage facility for merchandise and give-away items, all the way to IT peripherals. In addition, STAR was responsible for catering supplies and managed goods deliveries, which had to take into account the trade fair’s specific delivery requirements. STAR also demonstrated its logistical skills with JIT distribution planning for the limited counters of the individual trade fair stands, thus significantly relieving the client. The assembly of goodie bags with 10 different items and the last-minute labeling of vehicles over night rounded off the scope of services during the IAA.

IAA confirms STAR’s logistical expertise – 07 IAA confirms STAR’s logistical expertise – 06 IAA confirms STAR’s logistical expertise – 03

Led by Sebastian Hausburg, STAR was at its client’s side throughout the entire duration of the fair with transparent inventory reporting, goods traffic reporting and constant availability for all logistics questions. “Maximum flexibility was again a requirement at the IAA 2017, since comprehensive logistics planning from individual process steps to the whole supply chain was essential to make the trade fair a success for our customer!” Sebastian Hausburg concludes.