As an innovation driver and developer of advanced technologies, STAR is at the forefront when it comes to promoting young talent and entrepreneurs with promising and groundbreaking business ideas. In the spirit of technological innovation, STAR recently met with the creators of the consulting and support program M.TECH ACCELERATOR. This funding project aims to shape the future of the engineering and mobility sectors in the region of Stuttgart by actively promoting cutting-edge ideas, particularly with regard to development, business and networking.

M.TECH Accelerator Workshop @ STAR

An interdisciplinary group of individuals from all participating institutions met at STAR in order to define and strengthen the innovation program’s brand image. While the city of Stuttgart is taking the project under its wing politically with its Business Development Department, the Technology Transfer Initiative (TTI) GmbH from the University of Stuttgart is contributing entrepreneurial experience, expertise and useful contacts. The co-working space operator is providing a modern workspace for creative and innovative startups in the framework of the program, and was also present at the workshop as a leading regional business initiative and advocate of the accelerator, along with bwcon.

M.TECH Members

Led by industrial engineer and technology expert Alexander Schülein, the project partners discussed the current challenges and objectives of the M.TECH ACCELERATOR. The diverse circle of participants then translated the findings into practical, target group-oriented tips and action plans.

The successful workshop concluded by defining the next steps in order to lay the groundwork for a successful start to the Baden-Württemberg-based innovation accelerator. In a constructive atmosphere, the participants not only developed a sustainable concept for technology funding in the areas of engineering and mobility in Stuttgart, but also enhanced the brand image of the M.TECH ACCELERATOR.

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