Electrification of drive methods is ever increasing. No matter whether it is a hybrid, fuel cell or battery concepts for electric drive, it only works with high voltages. Safety, consumption as well as voltage and current behaviors have to be tested and validated – a “powerful” topic at meanwhile 1,000 V and 300 A conducting current according to industry standard  LV123 in voltage situation HV_3. That is reason enough to get a better overview of how these values fare in a vehicle or test bench.

Individual high voltage measurement technology for any application case

At bandwidths of up to 200 kHz, we gauge currents and voltages. Both the voltage as well as the current is set up with our measuring boxes after consulting with the customer, so that the optimal analysis can be performed for each individual application case. The measuring tools are plug-and-play through a high voltage wire for which the type and length was agreed on with the customer. This includes the fitting plugs so that it is extremely easy to install the measuring box between the components or aggregates. The read-out of measured values is carried out per default via a voltage tap of 0-10 V. This can, for example, also be implemented by our additional measurement technology FlexIO-S Analog in CAN bus signals.

As with all our devices, we have implemented special development with significantly higher measuring areas outside of the usual application. We grow with the challenges posed by automotive electrification and are looking forward to “powerful” projects in high voltage measurement technology.