Everything is becoming digitized, communicating with sensors as well. Transmitting sensor data safely and cost-efficiently is more and more safeguarded today by using the SENT protocol (Single Edge Nibble Transmission, SAE J2716). The serial interface, standardized since 2007, facilitates substituting analog interfaces and digitally transmitting data with the corresponding sensors.

Tools for sensor simulation

Information is being transmitted with a precision of 12 bit from one sensor to the vehicle control unit via a two or three wire connection. This is mainly used for functions with constant input signals, e.g. sensors for opening throttle valves or steering moment. Since the first serial use of oil level sensors by Hella in 2009, others were added. For example accelerator, pressure, temperature and air mass sensors.

To develop and test the corresponding control units and SENT sensors, you need simulation tools that provides ECUs with values, forward manipulated sensor values or read out the sensor data. This should be able both in a test bench environment as well as mobile.

Mobile use of FlexGen-M Sent

STAR COOPERATION’s Experts in Automotive Electronics have been supporting automotive developers with their FlexGen-M SENT tool that unifies these characteristics. The mobile device can be pre-configured via a software and a USB interface, manually set up or controlled optionally via a CAN bus. This way, we ease up simulation with our tool.

Digitization cannot be stopped. With our tool and an integrated error simulation, we can contribute to secure sensors.