Admittedly, it was quite chilly last night. At least for the ones who had made it to the airfield in Böblingen to be a cheerleader for this year’s Airfield Company Run. But the 3,500 participants were fired up latest by the warm-up program. And this was necessary, because the five kilometer spanning track around the airfield lake was awaiting them.

STAR's team at the 2017 Airfield Company Run - STAR COOPERATION Ready, steady, go - STAR COOPERATION

STAR amongst TOP 20

23 STAR runners took also part – and, for the first time, two walkers who joined them with their nordic sticks. With their brand new white, green and black jerseys, that gave a first glimpse into STAR’s new design, our cheerleading colleagues could easily make them out. They were joined by our colleagues from the far East, who are currently visiting our Böblingen headquarters and who were in awe of the masses of people winding around the track.

Great atmosphere at the 2017 Airfield Company Run - STAR COOPERATION Not long to go - STAR COOPERATION

The team atmosphere was great and, in the meantime, everybody was warm and cozy. However, results are also a part of the competition, and we can be very proud this year: Jan Schlechter, who in his daily life consults his customers in pricing and BI, was part of the top group for the entire time and eventually came in 19th with a time of 16 minutes and 26 seconds. You can find the overall results here.