When parents say good bye to their kids on their first day of school it is an exciting day for everybody. And, naturally, there is quite a bit of pride involved. Almost a year after the first START-UP DAY, we have quite similar feelings when we hear the news of our start-ups. For, in the meantime, the winners of last year’s Start-up Award have reached marketability with their electric walker ello.


ello presents its walking frame - STAR COOPERATION

ello: high tech for stability on streets

Already the prototype was so convincing that it could prevail agains the four other finalists in last year’s competition. Now, the first market model is finished and comes with many sensible features. Sensors have been built into the handles so that a light touch is enough to get started. Electronically supported, ello automatically slows down in steep areas and immediately stops when the handle is let go. The electric walker is even equipped with GPS and sends distress calls via SMS in case of an emergency. The battery lasts a full day in normal mode. And the team around Benjamin Rudolph, that has tripled in size by now, also greatly improved the design.

Market launch in fall

The pre-series has already sold out; from September, interested can take a look at, test and order ello in medical supply stores up and down the country.  At a price point of EUR 2,400, the innovative product may not be a bargain. But in the name of independence even in old age, every cent may be worth it.  Testers who have been relying on conventional models so far, were thrilled. Even the national press has devoted a long portrait to the young entrepreneurs. We are very happy about the start-up’s success and also very proud of our Start-up Award winners.

Start-ups waiting in the wings

STAR will also present the Start-up Award to one of the most promising young companies from the Böblingen/Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg region this year. You can still apply by 9 October 2017; the final will take place on 16 October when the Böblingen Business Weeks will be kicked off. You can find more on this here.