Logistics Quick Check - STAR COOPERATIONMerely launching an innovative product to the market is not enough for economic success. To really attract customers, you need comprehensive accompanying material at the point of sale. Even in times of digitization, product flyers, merchandise and give-aways are not out. For, a successful marketing mix sustainably supports and accompanies sales. The STAR logistics experts now offer a new solutions within the area of media logistics: the Logistics Quick Check.


Optimize inventory with the Logistics Quick Check

The overriding goal is to keep the inventory, and by that the connected stock and financing costs, at their lowest possible level. However, at the same time, the 100 percent availability is a necessity. Experts call this “never out of stock”.

With the Quick Check,

  • we analyze your inventory of print and advertising material with the help of ABC and XYZ analysis,
  • we closely examine your dispatch structure, packing volumes and transport costs,
  • evaluate the results and give you hints as to how you can achieve highest-possible availability while preventing obsolete inventory and
  • carry out the necessary inventory adjustments.
Tools in Logistics Quick Check - STAR COOPERATION

We use varying tools for optimizing your inventory.

Would you like to know details about the  Quick Check? Our website will tell you more about STAR’s solutions in media logistics. You can also reach Torben Schanz via e-mail (torben.schanz@star-cooperation.com) or by phone (+49 (0)7031 6288-3340) to ask all your questions.