Julia Ritter - STAR COOPERATION“I will never be able to remember all the names.” “Will I find my car again later?” “Darn, where was my office located again? You get lost here so much … am I on the right level?” These were my thoughts on the first day as apprentice to become a marketing communications professional.

Looking back, I can say that I had a really happy apprenticeship. It was instructive, fun, exciting and cooperative. I did not just learn how to deal with customers, suppliers and colleagues here, but also got to know the real daily life in an office. Right upfront: If daily work life is like that everywhere, why are there so many people complaining about their jobs? I was one of the few in my vocational school class who liked to return to work, which kind of speaks for itself. Since the apprenticeship was so interesting, I learnt a lot of new things in a short amount of time. So much so that I could complete it within just two years instead of the customary 2.5 to 3 years. Therefore, I thank everybody who supported me in this! That was actually another nice aspect of my apprenticeship: I could ask anyone and everyone, and anyone and everyone was happy to provide me with answers to the most varying issues.

Successful apprenticeship at STAR - STAR COOPERATION„Be honest, say what has been positive and negative.” That was the hint I got for this post. To be quite honest, there’s nothing really negative that I could talk about. Obviously, we all have to start at the bottom of the ladder and work out way up to the top. But every task I was given had its meaning and eventually benefited a customer or some internal project. And if some chore was not quite as exciting from time to time, I didn’t mind – the next challenge with a bit more of self-reliance was already in sight.

For me, STAR was the right company for my apprenticeship. Therefore, I’m really happy that I can remain in my team also after those short two years.

By now, I know all the names, I also find my office quite easily, just that thing with the parking is still a bit tricky if you don’t use your usual spot …