Digital Human Modeling - STAR COOPERATION“… Modeling!“

That was always the first reaction I got when mentioning my final thesis. But I already knew that just naming the topic, „Digital Human Modeling“, will not be enough. So I already had the answer ready, waiting for the questioning expression on the faces: “And what does that mean?”

I’m now looking back on five months in the Virtual Engineering team at STAR and many of these moments in which I could perfect my explanation of „Digital Human Modeling“. On one hand, I’m glad that this stressful time is over. But at the same time, I’m quite satisfies with my stint here, because everything fitted neatly: the company, the team, the topic and, eventually, the result!

The STARS have always been very supportive and I felt taken seriously as a team member from the get-go. Thanks a lot for that. But also for the fact that you don’t just live a serious work live at STAR, but that the company also accepts your humanity. Simply put, the STAR Spirit …

Today is my last day as a bachelor student and I’m anxiously awaiting a future full of exciting challenges, signed work contract at STAR in my hands.