Yesterday, a team meeting and a BBQ was on the agenda for our long-term partners at atec innovation. But in addition to steaks and sausages, the day also had a surprise for atec’s employees up its sleeve. Since 1 July 2017, atec innovation GmbH belongs to the STAR COOPERATION Group.

Visiting STAR in Böblingen

The brand new STARS have stomached the news quickly, for the team around the Managing Directors André Flemming and Tim Stegmann already paid us a visit today in our Böblingen headquarters to get to know us. Cem Güney, who will be in charge of the two companies growing together in the coming months as a project manager, welcomed the 20-strong group on STAR’s premises. And also four of STAR’s Managing Directors insisted on personally greeting the new colleagues.

Cem Güney welcomes the new STARS - STAR COOPERATION Oliver Messer introduces the STAR COOPERATION - STAR COOPERATION

In addition to a comprehensive overview on the STAR Group and its solutions portfolio, the HR department also introduced all their offerings. Afterwards, the visitors could fire their questions at all the Managing Directors, for there were many of those. “For us, it was really important that the atec colleagues could very frankly ask their questions and we were able to divert their sorrows immediately,” on the walking tour through the offices that followed.

New at STAR: atec innovation - STAR COOPERATION Management patiently answers any question - STAR COOPERATION

The old and new STARS remained standing together for quite a while afterwards while having a little snack. First meetings were set up. We are already looking forward to a close cooperation.

Welcome at STAR!

atec takes a close look at STAR - STAR COOPERATION New STARS meet old STARS - STAR COOPERATION