Deeper than the surface” is the name of the exhibition of artist Helmut Anton Zirkelbach on STAR COOPERATION’s premises. Associated with that is not only an artistic claim. The name also refers to the characteristic manner in which he creates art. He scratches, he scrapes, he etches – this way, he literally gets below the surface of the materials he uses. At the opening of the exhibition during STAR Insight 3 on Thursday, 13 July 2017, he was present in person.

Artist Helmut Anton Zirkelbach - STAR COOPERATION Visitors of Star Insight 3 - STAR COOPERATION

Print by Helmut Anton Zirkelbach - STAR COOPERATIONVisitors of Star Insight 3 - STAR COOPERATION

Culinary conclusion of Star Insight 3 - STAR COOPERATION Relief-like structures in a painting by Helmut Anton Zirkelbach - STAR COOPERATION

Visitors inspect a painting by Helmut Anton Zirkelbach - STAR COOPERATION Artist Helmut Anton Zirkelbach being interviewed - STAR COOPERATION

Interviewer Conny Luley - STAR COOPERATION

In an interview, he gave insights in the way he works. “Printed graphics” only formally describes what he does. His works are a modern interpretation of this traditional technique. Among other things, he unites etching, sculpting, aquatint, woodcut and also processes music and lyrics in his artwork. For this purpose, Helmut Zirkelbach has five presses in his house in the region known as Schwäbische Alb. “Digging right into the material and making the obscured layers visible, that always fascinated me”, he explains his passion that has yielded him prestigious art awards. And many of his works are part of international exhibitions, fairs and collections.

At the well-attended exhibition opening, the visitors had the opportunity to talk to the artist directly. In a tour through the building, they could also inspect Zirkelbach’s works in detail. They will be exhibited in the corridors of STAR for several weeks and can also be purchased there. With delicious finger food and a cold drink, the guests were able to conclude the tour on a culinary note. The background of the fascinating art pieces gave room for a lot of inspired conversations.

Literature in conversation at STAR Insight 4

The successful event will be succeeded by the fourth and last one of this event series on 24 October 2017: at STAR Insight 4, journalist and SWR host Stefan Siller as well as Edzard Reuter, former chairman of the Daimler AG, will talk about literature, Baden-Württemberg and much more.