There is a magazine for everything. Whether for managers, lifestyle aficionados or pilgrims on their road to Santiago. There is a suitable medium for any reading taste on the magazine shelf. Truckers and bus drivers also like to browse through stories about their wheels, truck classics and motorsports. All this is supplied by a new STAR customer based in Stuttgart.

Everything around utility vehicles end-to-end

For a the ETM publishing house, we have been dispatching all the products that can be ordered around the magazines since April 2017. Subscription gifts and other merchandising products also have to be handled with great care if some oldtimer model trucks can cost up to EUR 500. The end customers can order them via an existing web shop, which we have integrated into our own logistics systems. That way, we can fulfill all the necessary process steps from ordering to dispatching to invoicing. That is what we call “end-to-end”.

Considering the high-quality products, we put great emphasis on a highly-secured storage at our Obertürkheim location. In addition to process manager Max Bernauer, up to five distribution experts in the warehouse as well as administration take care of our customer and his end-customers there. We are very happy about this new collaboration and even more about the numerous truckers around the world that we can make happy with our packages.