Looking at global market requirements becomes every more important. Technological changes and their effects on companies and customer behavior is more and more at the center of attention. Wouldn’t it be great if you could know already today what products your customers demand tomorrow – and then produce them now? Or if you could instantly see the effect a change of a single parameter would have? The VECTOR21 software, that is diligently being worked on by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), can make that possible soon.

Mobility of the future

VECTOR21 is a simulation software to analyze future scenarios, e.g. for the automotive market. With it, you can answer questions like “When will electro mobility turn into a mass market?” and “What effect do lower costs for electro batteries have on the sales figures? And all that in realtime, with the push of a button, clearly depicted and easy to understand. Therefore, this tool will be of special interest to consultancies that support companies, organizations and political entities in analyzing markets and developing strategies in this area.

Strategic partnership with STAR

Within this cooperation, STAR supports the market-oriented software development by offering market requirements and feedback based on the test of functionality, results and practicability. The results so far show that VECTOR21 has the potential to become a standard software for interactive scenario analysis.