There is a lot going on at our Sindelfingen location. In our EE workshop, we convert vehicles and we build testing systems and vehicles. And tailor cables to the specific needs of our customers. And since April, we have been producing something else there as well: our own solar energy!

At the start of April, we literally climbed on our Experts in Automotive Electronics’ roof. There, we installed a photovoltaics complex on top of our workshop hall. With about 100 square meters of surface, we can produce more than 34,000 kWH of STAR-own energy. With that, we can operate a normal PC for about 170,000 work hours and save 22 tons of CO2 at the same time. That is what sustainability looks like in real life.

STAR produces energy - STAR COOPERATIONAnd we have also installed a monitor showing the generated daily and overall performance in our entrance area, so that our colleagues always know exactly what the energy situation is. As you can see, in just two months, we have already produces more than a third of our targeted yearly amount of energy. And we hope for a lot more hours of sun!