The weather was fair, the food was good. And for the first time, we had our own “STAR Home Brew”. The condition for this year’s STAR inhouse exhibition and STAR Insight 2, taking place the same day, were great. But also the actual agenda was grounds for interest and a good atmosphere at the well-visited event: in addition to the experts in automotive electronics’ products and services, we had some partner companies on board this time. For instance, atec innovation showcased its “Brew master”, without wich the “STAR Home Brew” would not have been possible. The STAR insight event in the evening offered music, street art and a sportive world record in bmx spinning.

Experience automotive electronics live at STAR's inhouse exhibition - STAR COOPERATION Quench your thirst STAR-style - STAR COOPERATION


Experts in automotive electronics’ inhouse exhibition with partner companies

The day started with the inhouse exhibition from 10 a.m. with its traditional service fair. Here, the visitors could inspect STAR’s services and product in automotive electronics. This was perfectly complemented by our partners’ displays with a focus on assistance systems and virtual driving tests. In the afternoon, the visitors could learn more in our free-of-charge trainings. This year, their focus was on realizing gateways with FlexConfig RBS as well as implementing project in automotive high voltage. The animated conversations confirmed the visitors’ high interest.

Interesting conversations at STAR's inhouse exhibition 2017 - STAR COOPERATION Automotive electronics is fun - STAR COOPERATION


Bmx spinning, graffiti and music at STAR Insight 2

Afterwards, STAR Insight 2 offered the experience of street art. Already at noon, graffiti artist Simon Löchner started to spray the walls of our Sindelfingen workshop. Furthermore, he had prepared some smaller canvasses with which the guests could make their own graffitis with the help of automotive stencils. The resulting eleven pictures will be on display in Sindelfingen soon. OsCaVa unplugged music provided the musical backdrop with their artful acoustic covers. One of the evening’s highlights was the successful bmx spinning world record attempt by bmx acrobat Chris Böhm. In front of the excited audience, he managed to beat his record rival in Japan with 38 spins. Henning Lange, Managing Director at STAR ELECTRONICS, was so inspired that he put on his own bmx show.

Chris Böhm at STAR Insight - STAR COOPERATION Sparks fly for Chris Böhm - STAR COOPERATION

Simon Löchner makes graffiti art at STAR Insight - STAR COOPERATION Graffiti art at STAR Insight - STAR COOPERATION

The hosts very really please with the interested guests and the boisterous atmosphere. This is the motivation for next time: the STAR experts in automotive electronics will again show what they can do and offer at ELIV congress on 18 and 19 October 2017 in Bonn. The third STAR Insight event will take place on Thursday, 13 July 2017 and will showcase the works of Helmut Anton Zirkelbach.


OsCaVa forms the musical backdrop - STAR COOPERATION The audience is fascinated at STAR Insight - STAR COOPERATION