Maike Ostertag - STAR COOPERATIONThe first day at STAR will probably stay in my memory forever … I can’t really describe my excitement.

After my sponsor had picked me up in the foyer, my work sphere adventure started. Moving from the school bench to the university auditorium, here and there a couple of small Jobs. That was my life prior to my first day at work. But now I had to do a six month compulsory internship for my degree. For this, I had applied with STAR.

The e-commerce Team welcomed me with open arms. Some of my fears were taken away already when getting to know them on the first day. Especially during the first weeks, they all showed me great open-mindedness. I particularly liked the large variety of tasks that were part of my daily work. Furthermore, I was given quite responsible jobs from time to time. That gave me the impression that I’m actually important for my team. I was proud that my job did not just entail making coffee and doing unskilled work.

University knowledge put into practice

Most fun for me was that I was able to draft and implement the STAR COOPERATION GmbH’s appearance on the Handelsverband partner site. First, I had to come up with a rough wire framing. I then developed it into a detailed concept step by step. After my boss and myself were happy with it, I conducted my first business call. In this, I had my first contacts to the external business world and put the finishing touches to our web appearance together with my counterparts at Handelsverband.

I was astonished to learn that some of the content I had learnt in my university lectures were actually helpful on the job. Therefore, I was able to significantly extend my existing knowledge, but also strenghten it. And in case I was stuck at some point, my team immediately offered their support and I was never left out in the lurch. In February 2017, my internship at STAR ended and I moved to working as a working student there immediately in the aftermath.

I’m happy to review the past instructional, exciting and funny six months and I’m glad to still be a part of STAR.