The start to each STAR year is always very busy … not just project-wise. For, the external audit for certificates is traditionally scheduled for March. Then, the Technical Supervisory Association visits us for about a week and thoroughly puts the entire group to its test.

This year, we put a lot of effort into it since, for the first time, we participated in a so-called combined audit. That means, several norms are audited at the same time. In addition to re-certifying our quality managemen system according to the 2015 version, we had our energy and environmental management examined closely for the first time. The preparation for this full management system for the STAR group concerned many different departments of our company. In addition, our digitization experts aimed at the certificate for their IT security.

Certificates – why exactly?

Why are we putting all that effort into these certificates? Naturally, it is also in our own interest to be able to prove the quality of our work. Just like our environmental and energy management which had been pushed by our Green STAR task force in the past years. But mainly, our customers expect us to be active in this area and to prove our endeavors.

And now it is official: since 21 April 2017, the STAR group has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management), DIN EN ISO 14001 (environment), DIN EN ISO 50001 (energy). Additionally, the STAR SYSTEMS GmbH according to DIN EN ISO 27001 (IT security). We are very happy about this success!