For one of our customer projects, we were able to develop a network simulation test bench that unifies all the energy sockets of the world. The goal was to gain experience in charging electro vehicles and to test this already in the early stages of development without having to travel around the world.

The vehicle can be connected with the test bench directly with a country-specific charging cable or, indirectly, via an interconnected wall box. Afterwards, you can generate, save and reproduce network voltage curves at your discretion.

Two parts, one network simulation test bench

The network simulation test bench consists of two permanently fixed parts: the high voltage source with 60kVA and the control box. The high voltage source delivers the voltage and frequency, whereas the high voltage source is controlled and the country-specific sockets are chosen through the control box.  And since we like to be prepared for any possible use case, we have designed this system in modules so that we can adjust it to the demands and specifications of our customers any time.

More information about the network simulation test bench (German only)

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