Philip Morsey, Alexander Schülein and Daniel Güthler in Kornwestheim - STAR COOPERATION

From left to right: Philip Morsey (Porsche), Alexander Schülein (STAR) and Mayor Daniel Güthler at the opening of STAR’s logistics center in Kornwestheim.

The project team had really tried hard. For, it is not easy at all to furbish a warehouse in a way that guests feel welcome there. However, they succeeded in doing so for the inauguration of our new tyre and wheel logistics center in Kornwestheim. Specially for the move-in, we have renovated the building’s octagonal foyer that we have rented from Wilhelm Gienger GmbH & Co. KG. Furthermore, we freed “Sleeping Beauty’s Castle” from the overgrown hedges.

Guests at Kornwestheim housewarming - STAR COOPERATION Housewarming logistics center Kornwestheim - STAR COOPERATION

In addition to the warehouse crew and the involved STARS, we especially invited our customers from Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. We specifically established the logistics center for the tires that are needed in their Weissach-based development facility. Mayor Daniel Güthler of the city of Kornwestheim also insisted on being present for this occasion and to welcome STAR COOPERATION as a new business to the city. Even the local Kornwestheim press was there. And so, STAR DISTRIBUTION’s Managing Director Alexander Schülein was happy to welcome almost 80 guests with bright sunshine and a glass of champagne.

Alexander Schülein thanks the team - STAR COOPERATION Festive opening of logistics center Kornwestheim - STAR COOPERATION

Logistics center for up to 100k tires

Philip Morsey, Head of Concept Design in Weissach, confirmed in his little address how important the project was for his department. “Black gold” – that is how he calls the 80k tires that are currently waiting in our Kornwestheim warehouse to be mounted on rims and, subsequently, on a test car. For Morsey is convinced that wheels are the most important component of a car. After all, the grip of each car and consequently the safe roadability was depending on a contact surface with the size of just a postcard. All the more important were reliable partners in this area, whom they had now found in STAR COOPERATION – and possible for the longer term. The mayor also did not save on kind word and was happy that the former Gienger building, that had been lying empty for quite a while, has now found a fitting purpose again.

Porsche's Philip Morsey at the Logistics Center Kornwestheim's opening - STAR COOPERATION Mayor Daniel Güthler at the Logistics Center Kornwestheim's opening - STAR COOPERATION

Afterwards, small groups were lead into the logistics center itself. There, the project managers explained what has to be considered when storing, commissioning and logistically process premium wheels and tires. It was clear that we have not yet reached our full capacity: a couple of empty shelves are still waiting to store another 20k tires. The smell of fresh rubber wafted through the air, two collection pieces from the long Porsche history provided the fitting sound.

Walkabout in the logistics center Kornwestheim - STAR COOPERATION Walking through the warehouse in Kornwestheim - STAR COOPERATION

The unofficial part of the opening lasted long into the night, with cold drinks and delicious Swabian delicacies by Erna & Co. We are happy to have found another new home in Kornwestheim.

Porsche new in warehouse - STAR COOPERATION Porsche old in warehouse - STAR COOPERATION