There was just one little bottleneck this past Thursday, at least at STAR COOPERATION. When 450 STARS want to start into the STAR DAY 2017 right at 1. p.m., it’s a challenge even for the best organizers. Never mind, then a piece of cheese cake and some nice conversations in the courtyard first. Just 15 minutes later, the queue in front of the start packs’ station had shortened significantly.

Digitization to touch and try

STAR DAY 2017 - After Sales - STAR COOPERATIONThe STARS now had six hours to explore our Böblingen headquarters. Nine stations and two series of short presentations were awaiting them, all within the day’s motto “Digitization at STAR”. For, at ours, digital transformation has long seized to be just a trendy buzz word. It has been part of many of our projects for the longest time.  To prove that, our colleagues have been putting a lot of effort into setting up their stations.

On the first floor, the Experts in Automotive Electronics had asked themselves: How can we illustrate our E/E products’ function also for people with no technology affinity? E.g. a device that translates the networking signals from one format into another? This is easy with the help of over-dimensioned cable sets and balls of varying sizes and colors. Digitization can be touched.

Data, data, data

Networking during STAR DAY 2017 - STAR COOPERATIONThe second floor belonged to the Experts in After Sales. The had prepared a very colorful program for their stations. In the engineering area, we learned how the colleagues think about later repair cases already during the development stages of a vehicle. Some of the attendants could try themselves how this works right then and there. Using VR glasses, they diligently disassembled and re-assembled digital brake discs. The logistics experts elaborated on how important the spare part supply is also for on-site car retailers. We help them in optimizing this for our customer. And there were two stations to be discovered around business intelligence. With just a few clicks and a bit of Big Data, one can instantly get the answer to the most pressing performance questions. Digitization in its purest form.

Something exciting, something to play and … gummi bears

Taking a break at STAR DAY 2017 - STAR COOPERATIONNest stop: the Experten in Sales. A nice refreshment awaited the participants in our founder Dr. Neher’s office on the third floor. Here, we could experience first-hand what comes with e-commerce. Namely ordering, closing, commissioning, invoicing and controlling. The result were plump bags full of gummi bears. In our Green Salon, our Karlsruhe-based colleagues of sense&image showed what they are capable of in apps & more. Who knew that even unpleasant things (key word: wart treatment) can become an entertaining experience through gamification. Fun and games were also in the focus next-door. Not just once, the remote of the orange sports care was the target of hot pursuit at Marketing Automation in parcour format. “Chinese whispers” was the game played at the next station. That’s what it seems often like when vehicles are damaged during distribution. And often it’s not clear which carrier’s fault it was. Our app supports insurances in finding the causes. Digitization with practical benefits.

Presentations by and with STAR

If your feet needed a break, you had to options. In our innovation workshop as well the big meeting room on the second floor, the STARS took turns in presenting. Here, one could get deeper insight into marketing automation, the development paths at STAR, the logistics project ITQS at STAR, our new STAR location in Kornwestheim, the online scheduling of service appointments and many more. That was not just interesting, but also like wellness for your legs.

Three prizes, many winners

And the winner is ... - STAR COOPERATIONTo finish off the day, all STARS gathered once again in the courtyard. For there were three great prizes to be given away to the most diligent station-gatherers. Two solicitors witnessed the random generator picking three winners out of almost 400 eligible participants.:

The first prize went to Karen Kuechen of STAR DISTRIBUTION, who was happy to receive an iPad mini 4. Georgia Dedi of STAR CONSULTING got an Apple Watch. And the beats by Dr. Dre headphones were Lei Jin of STAR ELECTRONICS .

But actually, all the STARS won. The STAR DAY 2017 was a great day filled with exciting, fun and interesting information around digitization. Many thanks to the organizers and all participants!

P.S.: Did anyone manage to assemble the STAR solution cube over the weekend? We are looking forward to pictures of your results on our Facebook page.