How well do you know your prospective buyers and customers? Are you able to address the right target group with the right content at the right point in time? Can you measure your marketing success with concrete key figures? Everyone is talking about marketing automation. But especially entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses seldom use the full potential of the modern marketing tool box. This is exactly the target group of the Marketing & Sales Day presented by baden-württemberg:connected (bwcon). On 4 April 2017, interested persons can come to Stuttgart and participate in expert presentation on everything around the four big topics within marketing: product/service, price, communications and distribution.

The Experts in Sales will join

One of them will be Laetitia Fritz-Laurens, expert in marketing automation at STAR COOPERATION, with her presentation “Lead Generation with mit Marketing Automation. Myth or Measurable Success?” In this she will show that efficient processes and good collaboration between marketing and sales can be worthwhile. For, standardization and automation can help in generating leads, converting them into sales successes and thereby increasing turnover and profits. She will also talk about the options to evaluate all the measures’ success to constantly improve them. She puts great importance that all this can be achieved at a reasonable invest that does not overwhelm any marketing departments and their budget.

The event is fully booked – proof for how important this topic is for entrepreneurs, start-ups and KMUS. Are you also interested in using marketing automation to generate leads efficiently?Laetitia Fritz-Laurens is happy to receive your e-mail at or your call at +49 (0)7031 6288-3385.