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Will Tesla ultimately succeed in revolution? 2017 will be the year of fate for Germany’s automotive industry

27. April 2017|AFTERMARKET|

Source: Tesla The automotive world is anxiously anticipating the launch of Tesla's Model 3. If the experts are right with their current estimates, the car has the potential to change the automotive industry just as sustainably as the launch of the iPhone did for the telephone industry in 2007. In the following years, the [...]

Innovation dialogue on electro mobility at Fraunhofer Institute


New added-value models and cooperative services for electro mobility - those were the keywords at the center of the innovation dialogue hosted by Fraunhofer Institute. Steffen Burkersroth and our graduating student Martin Pagano from our After Sales Technology - Electro Mobility team received exciting insights and new perspectives on electro mobility. Subsequent to the interesting presentations, [...]

Automotive electronics meets street art at STAR


Two of the main STAR events during the year will go down on 11 May 2017: our traditional inhouse exhibition as well as STAR Insight 2. From 10 a.m., the Experts in Automotive Electronics the doors of their workshop for STAR's big solutions' exhibition. All day long, you can catch up on our services, products and solutions [...]

Simulate international power grids in your own workshop


For one of our customer projects, we were able to develop a network simulation test bench that unifies all the energy sockets of the world. The goal was to gain experience in charging electro vehicles and to test this already in the early stages of development without having to travel around the world. The vehicle [...]

A well-rounded piece of work: logistics center for tires inaugurated in Kornwestheim

12. April 2017|STAR INTERNAL|

From left to right: Philip Morsey (Porsche), Alexander Schülein (STAR) and Mayor Daniel Güthler at the opening of STAR's logistics center in Kornwestheim. The project team had really tried hard. For, it is not easy at all to furbish a warehouse in a way that guests feel welcome there. However, they succeeded in [...]

Automated lead generation? STAR goes Marketing & Sales Day 2017

3. April 2017|SALES|

How well do you know your prospective buyers and customers? Are you able to address the right target group with the right content at the right point in time? Can you measure your marketing success with concrete key figures? Everyone is talking about marketing automation. But especially entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses seldom use the [...]

STAR DAY 2017: Everything about digitization


There was just one little bottleneck this past Thursday, at least at STAR COOPERATION. When 450 STARS want to start into the STAR DAY 2017 right at 1. p.m., it's a challenge even for the best organizers. Never mind, then a piece of cheese cake and some nice conversations in the courtyard first. Just 15 [...]

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