It is well-known that the demands of and the cost pressure on marketing are steadily increasing. In contrast, it is less known how to face this trend and how to make marketing activities more efficient. With his newly published compendium “Efficient Marketing for the Real World – standardized, automated, measurable”, STAR COOPERATION’s Heidinger presents new approaches for agile marketing.

Internationalization, shorter product life cycles and the individual targeting of each existing or potential customer – modern marketing’s challenges are virtually chasing the responsible figures. From 17 years of consulting experience in marketing communications, Albrecht Heidinger, responsible for the Marketing Business Consulting unit at STAR, knows: You can only evolve from being the driven one to being the one who drives by lifting marketing communications’ production to a professionalized and automated level. This guiding theme was also reflected in the STAR Expert DAY that took place this past Tuesday, which provided the backdrop for the compendium’s first public appearance.

Creativity and standardization are no antagonists

When looking for role models, marketing can turn to industrial manufacturing for inspiration for this enterprise. That does not at all mean that the industry’s creativity must be deprived of its fertile soil – on the contrary. According to Heidinger, creative labor and, and at the same time, targeting the right target groups at the right time and place, is only possible because of efficient processes. In his book, he not just puts a magnifying glass on marketing and its processes, but also on their integration into the overall structure of the respective company. Efficiency pitfalls are hidden especially in internal interdependencies, thereby posing great potential for optimization. The book shows how these efficiency killers can be identified and eliminated – combining both substantial background knowledge as well as the everyday marketing’s perspective of practical experience in interviews and byline articles from business and research personalities.

E-book and webinar complement the publication

The new marketing compendium experienced its premiere during the STAR Expert Day “Success Decides! Efficient Marketing for the Real World” on 28 March 2017 in Böblingen, when Albrecht Heidinger introduced his latest work to app. 50 guests. In addition to the printed version, the e-book is expected to be available from 17 April 2017 via and others. Both versions can be ordered here (German only). Furthermore, the author will hold a webinar on 3 May 2017 for everybody who was not able to attend the Expert Day or who want to know more about efficient marketing. You can sign up for that webinar here.

Do you have questions about the compendium or are you in general interested in Marketing Business Consulting? Albrecht Heidinger ist happy to answer your e-mail or receive your call at +49 7031 6288-135.