Marketing is facing new challenges – and more pressure. In the era of digitization and digitization, how can prospective and existing customers be reached and retained, considering scarce Budgets and ever shorter product life cycles? New approaches for efficient and effective marketing are in demand. Yesterday’s STAR Expert Day in Böblingen with ist interesting presentations, insightful interviews and inspiring conversiations was the best attended so far.

Taking a break at STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION The audience at STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION

Agility is the base requirement

Albrecht Heidinger at STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION STAR Expert Day 2017 - STAR COOPERATION

STAR COOPERATION’s Albrecht Heidinger kicked off this round with his presentation on his expert topic: agile marketing. “Marketing has to be transferred into industrial manufacturing without relinquishing creativity and individuality,” is his credo. He is convinced: only standardizing processes will make it possible to target interested persons flexibly and purposefully with creative content. He also introduced his book „Efficient Marketing for the Real World – standardized, automated, “ at this Expert Day for the first time. It will soon be available as e-book, too.

Field report about marketing automation

In conversation with Philipp Nadig at STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION Philipp Nadig at STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION

In his interview, Philipp Nadig of ebm papst was talking about his experiences with autmating Marketing through MRM and PIM systems. For example, the obstacles you have to overcome when trying this, but also the benefits when doing so. The conversation emphasized that the conceptional phase of introducing such systems is just one step, but the “real work starts” with implementing, said Albrecht Heidinger who asked the questions. In the following Q&A session, the audience praised the open-hearted insights into ebm papst’s experience that Mr Nadid provided.

Practical tips and worthwhile background know-how by the experts

Efficient international online marketing communications - STAR COOPERATION Hermann Bareis at STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION

Hermann Bareis, CEO of the online agency effective, talked about the criteria for efficient international online marketing communications. Overall, there are ten, from each channel’s specific Features to the customers’ expectations. He gave an overview about the online world’s complexity as well as key points on how this can be managed. For him, the central statement is that “non-measurable goals are no goals at all.” One concrete example illustrated his findings: an online communciations concept had to be derived on a short Budget for a customer from Canada’s food industry.

Eckart Blau at STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION In conversation at STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION

Eckart Blau of sense&image complemented the prior presentation with his on optimizing lead generation through marketing automation. Good collaboration between the marketing and sales departmenst, says Blau, was a necessary prerequisite. Equally important is the realization that standardization must precede automation. You can only reach the desired, optimal results when the processes to be automated are efficient.

Listening intently at STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION The speakers at the STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION

Webinar will amplify the topic

The Q&A sessions following each presentation showed how interested the guests were in their topics. Especially digitazation and Automation moved many of them, who took the opportunity to deepend their conversations with the experts and other guests by the buffet. For everyone who could not attend the Expert Day or who want to know more about the topic, Albrecht Heidinger will hold a webinar on efficient Marketing communications in the digital era on 3 May 2017. You can sign up for the webinar here