An innovative company is not just characterized through its perceived image. At STAR, it is our goal to also be as “green” as possible in our internal processes. Sustainability has been an important issue to us for years, which we devote special attention to in our employee task group GREEN STAR.

Look – Think – Feel Green

At GREEN STAR, we regularly deal with where and how we can make our Group-internal processes more sustainable. We are aware that this is about starting at the base – that is why we have published our new explanatory video “Look, Think, Feel, Green” in January.

Small gestures for the big picture

In this video, we summarize how one can use small gestures during ones everyday work to contribute to the big sustainable picture. This includes simple, but meaningful measures like using the stairs instead of the elevator or preferring regional produce for ones snacks instead of exotic fruit.

Would you like to take a look yourself what can be done for environmental protection in your everyday work? Watch the video here:

This video ist the first step of informing our employees more and more about issues like sustainability and environmental protection. For, only if we are aware of the effects our actions have, we will be able to undertake target-oriented changes. Based on this, GREEN STAR is planning an employee mailing in March to inform about purposeful waste reduction and recycling.

Would you also like to show your colleagues and friend how we can shape the world step-by-step more sustainably in our everyday business lives? Share this video – we are looking forward to your shares, likes and comments.