Multi channel management, internationalization, shorter product life cycles and target marketing are the current trends keeping marketing busy. At the same time, the ever decreasing resources cause problems for many companies. The focal issues’s distinction varies depending on the industry. Therefore, there are no across-the-board solutions for the increasing pressure experienced by marketing.

How you can find a suitable solution for boosting your marketing communications’ efficiency will be the topic for STAR COOPERATION’s first Expert Day in 2017 with the title “Success Decides! Efficient Marketing for the Real World” on 28 March 2017.

The introduction will be made by Albrecht Heidinger, Head of Consulting at STAR PUBLISHING, with his keynote on Agile Marketing Communications. In this, his compendium „Efficient Marketing for the Real World – Standardized, Automated, Measurable” will be presented to the public for the first time. Afterwards, the marketing automation expert Eckart Blau from sense&image will show in his presentation how lead generation can be optimized with the help of marketing automation.

The hosts will deepen the Expert Day’s practical relevance with two interviews. Philipp Nadig of ebm papst and Hermann Bareis of the online agency effective will talk about their experience with steps to increase efficiency in marketing like

  • making goals measurable
  • automation through MRM and PIM systems
  • basics and strategies for controlling, data analysis and use of social media data for campaigns

You can find detailed information on STAR COOPERATION’s Expert DAY on 28 March 2017 here (German only). There, you can also sign up for free.

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