With her artwork, Beate Blankenhorn is telling stories to be discovered by the beholder. This past Thursday, the STAR COOPERATION presented the colorful artist from the Böblingen region with her exhibition titled “Appearance and Reality” at the last STAR Insight event of 2016.

Inspired by philosophy and literature

She grew up without any pictures or books at hand. Nevertheless, or maybe because of that, she depicts those artists, literature figures, philosophers and people having had an impact on her life’s journey with their works, like Marcel Proust, Virginia Woolf or Albert Camus, in addition to numerous self portraits. Even though they did not know each other for the most part, did not live in the same era or the same place, Blankenhorn lets these personalities take a seat on the sofa for for a “group portrait”. Sometimes, she herself simply joins them. Connectec by lush ornaments and intensive coloring in fictional rooms.

The special thing about her art is the ancient painting technique with egg tempera colors which she mixes herself from eggs, tree gum, oils and pigments.

Beate Blankenhorn is a lecturer at various art schools. At STAR insight, she guided the guests through the exhibition, that will still be on display at the STAR COOPERATION until the end of January, and for a long time, she remained discussion the various interpretation of her work.

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STAR Insight Art continues in 2017

The STAR Insight events will continue in 2017, the first one already being set: On 23 February 2017, the works of Werner Fohrer will be on display. Soon, you will find all the information about STAR insight here.

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