The Böblingen Business Weeks 2016 are over. For two weeks, the city revolved around innovation and the business of the future. One of the organizers was the STAR COOPERATION. This past Thursday, almost 100 guests came to see the START-UP DAY 2016 at the company’s Hulb location and to decide who would win the inaugural Start-up Award.

Nicolai Stickel welcomes the guests to STARt-up Day 2016 - STAR COOPERATION17 young enterprises based in the Böblingen/Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg area had entered the competition. Prior to the event, a mentors’ jury consisting of Gesa Gudd of bwcon, Alexander Schülein and Dominik Dussling of STAR, the well-known chocolatier Kevin Kugel as well as the Director of Böblingen’s economic development agency Dominic Schaudt, determined which five start-ups would make it to the final. At the START-UP DAY they had the opportunity to pitch their idea to the evening’s guests and to convince them of its value. And the versatility of the concepts, all originating from the Böblingen region, was quite impressive.

Interesting ideas, exciting innovations

Alexander Schülein introduces the new innovations work shop - STAR COOPERATION Hendrik Seiler told the audience that they had the idea for their product when they experienced themselves how cumbersome and little effective applying for a job can be. Hence, he and his partners developed and app that enriches classic job applications with videos and other elements of self-portrayal. Thus, the chance to find the right person for the job right away is much higher.

Heiko Hummel of energiedata 4.0 GmbH put his name in the hat with his City System 4.0. The idea behind this concept is to equip every single street-lamp positioned every 40 meters up and down the country with a communications module. Through those, e.g. also rural areas can be provided with fast Wi-Fi of up to 200 mbit/second. He is convinced that, with this bridge technology, the political calls for a nationwide supply can be fulfilled quickly and, above all, economically.

Voting via app at STARt-up Day 2016 - STAR COOPERATIONA grandmother living on a steep street was the reason why the next team has developed the electronically walker ello. Alexander Giustolisi explained how this engineering marvel, on the one hand, makes physically impaired persons feel safer in difficult terrain. On the other hand, it also exercises their mobility so that they can stay independent longer. The patent for the innovative grip control unit has been filed. And several health insurance providers have already shown some interest in ello.


Between Swabian ravioli and walkers

The finalists of STARt-up Day 2016 - STAR COOPERATION

The next start-up, M³ Schwäbische Feinkost, led STAR’s guests away from technology and towards a gourmet feast. Naturally, the team brought plenty of their Swabian Ravioli for the guests to sample. And so, Franziska Kämm floated through the room with trays full of their specialties, while her husband Maximilian explained their family business’ concept. Handmade raviolis, from classic-Swabian to Truffle-deluxe, marketed e.g. through their innovative ravioli parties, just like Tupperware.

Finally, it was the turn of the mobile trolley table of Thomas Link, Philipp Pfundstein and Karl-Bang Gottlebe. They were wondering about how they can help out people who currently have no hands free. Maybe because they have to walk on crutches. In those cases, it’s difficult to balance a cup of coffee from the kitchen to the living room without causing major spills. They demonstrated their prototype’s abilities live. And they told the audience about the next development steps they have planned.

Live music at STARt-up Day 2016 - STAR COOPERATIONNow, it was time for STAR’s audience to decide: Which of the five finalist start-ups was most convincing and should take home one of the two main prizes? The anonymous smartphone voting’s result: ello’s team and its electric walker secured the first prize, a MARKYDOO Premium Marketing Kit donated by STAR. And the ravioli artists of M³ were happy about the second prize. The language localization of their website was provided by oneword GmbH.


Start-up meets music

Florian Scharnofske at STARt-up Day 2016 - STAR COOPERATIONWhile all participants were still available for photos and questions, the Green Salon transformed into a first-class rock ’n roll club for, once again, the well-known pianist Florian Scharnofske and three of his musician colleagues visited STAR to fire the guests up. For over an hour, he guided the audience through the rock and pop history of the past 70 years, had Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon resurrect and was happy to see so many music fans dancing the night away.

“We are very happy with this evening that began by inaugurating our own innovations workshop“, Dominik Dussling, Manager at STAR MARKETING, commented. “Our start-ups have demonstrated how innovative the Böblingen region is and how versatile the ideas here can be. We can be very proud of that.“

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