Augmented Reality, Content Marketing, Mobile Payment, Marketing Automation, Cross Channel Brand Experience – those are just some of the buzzwords shaking up the current marketing landscape. For STAR COOPERATION’s Experts for Sales, this was reason enough to demonstrate their know-how in this area at the STAR Expert Day “Digital Touch Points in Customer Communications”. Last Thursday, more than 40 guests arrived in Böblingen for interesting speeches, practical workshops and lots of interaction.

Quo vadis online world?

Heike Scholz of the online magazine mobile zeitgeist kicked-off the day with her key note, in which she gave an outlook on what is happening in the web now and in the near future. According to her, the digitalization of commerce and the basic household equipment with mobile devices is just the beginning. Industrialization 4.0 as a trend offers numerous chances – whether through beacons, apps or optimizing warehouse processes through the usage of augmented reality glasses. She also predicted an increased importance for messengers like WhatsApp, which will be able to fulfill entire buying transactions in the not so distant future. For marketers, this means: adapt to digital lead generation, optimize and personalize mobile offerings and flexibly react to the market conditions.

Eckart Blau at STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION Benjamin Hillscher welcomes Heike Scholz at the STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION

Mass communications is out, personalized content availability is in

Then, Eckard Blau from STAR’s own full-service agency Sense & Image delved deeper into the topic and gave an overview about the possibilities for lead generation with marketing automation. For, so Blau, if consumers are confronted with up to 30,000 sales each day, they will be forced to look for the content they are truly interested in. The aim is to capture this interest inconspicuously and to very patiently expand it into a exploitable customer contact. With the help of several use cases, Blau explained how the marketing automation engine can support this efficiently and a high chance of success.

Workshop session during the STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION Workshop session during the STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION

Experts share practical tips and tricks

After this theoretical input, the guests entered the practical stage of the afternoon. For the first time, the participants were able to spend time in detail during the workshop session. Maren Szillat, Manager at STAR, gave numerous tips and tricks on what the customers have to pay attention to when developing a sales & service app. Marc Schwarz and Renate Göbel, Brand Experts at STAR, let their workshop participants experience first-hand the influence brands have on our perception. And at the STAR partner Marketo’s Oliver Müller and Thomas Tack, the audience received a decision guidance on how marketing automation can be integrated in their marketing processes according to their needs and goals.

Workshop session during the STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION Virtual Reality at the STAR Expert Day - STAR COOPERATION

Next STAR Expert Day already scheduled

At the event’s conclusion, the STAR Experts for Virtual Engineering gave the guests the opportunity to have a glance into the future and to examine a photo-realistically depicted virtual car through HTC Vive 3D glasses. „Our slightly adjusted event concept with a combination of practical interaction and theoretical input was very well received by our guest,” Benjamin Hillscher, General Manager at the STAR COOPERATION and the STAR Expert Day’s host, was happy. „That way, we were able to present STAR in the best light and we hope they could take away many new impulses for their daily work.” The next STAR Expert Day for trends in sales and marketing is already scheduled.