Of psychopaths, plonkers and performers

Even from the outside, she is quite an appearance. Dressed entirely in black, on sky-high heels and with the piercing glance of an agent, profiler Suzanne Langer does not beat about the bush much: No matter if it is in our private or business life, we are surrounded by ever the same archetypes – and her choice of words does not leave any room for interpretation. With a mind as sharp as a razor, unflinchingly honest and with a dash of humor, she showed the app. 50 invited STAR Insight guests in her lecture titled „007 instead of mainstream“, how they can spot the typical behaviors of low performers, impression managers and the like. Furthermore, she taught them how to successfully stand up to all kinds of manipulation.

Following in James Bond’s footsteps, the graduate educationist, psychologist and psychiatrist also had 007 tips and tricks on how to be armed for the daily business fight and how to become a performer yourself.

Of psychopaths, dummies and performers - STAR COOPERATION Suzanne Grieger-Langer at STAR Insight 2 - STAR COOPERATION

Queen of the poets in three steps

Afterwards, a packed Green Salon was waiting for the second highlight of the night. Four of the country’s best slam poets entered the STAR stage to fight out the victory in two preliminary and one crowning final round with their own texts.

Having fun at STAR Insight - STAR COOPERATION The word gladiators await their performance - STAR COOPERATION

Hamburg’s Filo already qualified for the final round with her first piece, a rhyming complaint about the weather. Christian Ritter, based in Bamberg, raised the question of how a zoo with human inmates might look like. Konstanz-based Marvin Sukut presented the protocol of a move which ended disastrous. And Marvin Ruppert from Marburg melted the audience’s hearts with a sad love story that, according to himself, he collects like other people collect baseball cards. The second finalists’ spot secured Christian Ritter for himself, who made many onlookers cry with laughter with his ode to teenage girls.

Slam poets at work - STAR COOPERATION Contemplative at STAR's poetry slam - STAR COOPERATION

Eventually, the STAR guests determined this year’s STAR Poetry Slam winner by clapping in the final duel. The only female member of the poets’ quartet prevailed. With her thoughtful poem, she reminded the audience of how important one’s social network can be for each and every one – and that one should thank the nearest ones every now and then. Filo from Hamburg was declared the STAR Poetry Slam’s winner.

The winner is ... Filo - STAR COOPERATION Captivated audience at STAR Insight - STAR COOPERATION

STAR Insight 3 shines a light on start-ups

The STAR Insight series will take a break in the coming months to make space for other STAR events like the traditional in-house exhibition or our expert days. STAR Insight will recommence on 27 October 2016 when the focus will be on the coming entrepreneurs of the region and their innovative ideas during the first STAR Start-up Day. Florian Scharnofske and his rock’n’roll trio will provide the musical background in the evening.