Each year, the STAR COOPERATION group’s apprentices raise thousands of euros in donations for charitable organizations in the Böblingen region. The Frauen helfen Frauen e. V. initiative with its outreach center thamar in Böblingen and the joint project “Schwanger in der Fremde” by the Maltese Order and Caritas were the ones receiving donations in kind this year.

„We are active throughout the entire year and always come up with new activities to raise money,” Julia Ritter, marketing communications apprentice, says. This past year, they helped at numerous STAR events, have provided their hungry colleagues in the Böblingen headquarters with crepes, hotdogs, waffles, sandwiches and ice cream and have changed dozens of tires in the STAR workshop. And the STARS have proved to be generous: overall, they raised about 1,500 euros with their various activities.

STAR supports the commitment

The STAR COOPERATION does not just support the next generation just with help and deeds. The company chips in as well and doubles the raised money each year. „We are very happy that our apprentices show that sort of initiative, as they learn important skills like project and time management in practice,” Klaudija Vesel explains, who is responsible for the Sterntaler in human resources. It is important to mention that the Sterntaler are completely autonomous, from planning to implementing to presenting for STAR management.

New recipients for 2016

The STAR apprentices also directly recommend the organizations that should profit from their commitment. Those are generally working in the Böblingen/Stuttgart region and take care of underprivileged people who greatly need their help.

The outreach center thamar, run by the Frauen helfen Frauen e. V. initiative, provides care for girls, boys and women who have been victims of sexual assault. Due to the Sterntaler, they could purchase therapy aid for overcoming such experiences. Six young mothers, who have come to Stuttgart in the wake of the recent months’ refugee waves, each received a new stroller for their babies. The contact was made through the “Schwanger in der Fremde” project that has been initiated jointly by the Maltese Order and Caritas. You can find further information on both organization on the internet at www.thamar.de or www.schwanger-in-der-fremde.de.

The donations were handed over quite recently – and the Sterntaler could experience first-hand that their commitment is worthwhile. “It’s great to see that our funds trickle away, but the really reach the people in need,” Nik Walz, training to be an IT systems expert at STAR, sums up their visit at thamar.