On 18 February 2016, the STAR COOPERATION uses its first STAR Insight event of the year 2016 to introduce the calligraphy artist Sigrid Artmann with a selection of her work under the title “SO”.

With the help of scripture, fonts and calligraphy, she invites the observer to grapple with words, characters and abbreviations and their meaning. On the quest for the essence of information, for the consolidation of messages, for the content minimum of words, the motto is: Sapere aude! Use your own mind!

Since 2011, Artmann has been working as a freelance artist, sharing her knowledge as lecturer and in workshops with young calligraphists and being part of many national and international exhibitions with her works. Amongst her merits is the renowned „International Grand Prix of Calligraphy“.

We invite you to meet the artist in person from 6 p.m. and to discuss with her the various interpretations of her works. Afterwards there will be plenty of opportunity to meet all our guests in a relaxed atmosphere.

You can find all the details and the sign-up form for the exhibition here.

Do you have questions? Contact Daniela Stoll via e-mail daniela.stoll@star-cooperation.com or phone +49 (0)7031 6288-523.