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New General Manager at STAR DISTRIBUTION

27. January 2016|STAR INTERNAL|

Since 1 January 2016, the STAR logistics division’s management has a new member. At the start of the year, Frank Drechsler was appointed General Manager at STAR DISTRIBUTION and is responsible for the growing area of LOGOperations. Expert in contract logistics Mr Drechsler joined STAR COOPERATION in February 2011 as manager and has been supervising [...]

Experts for vehicle electronics are Level A Supplier


As a service-driven company, it is very important for the STAR COOPERATION to receive continuous feedback on the services offered from their customers. With their performance, the experts for automotive electronics within the STAR Group have now earned the status “Level A Supplier” from a premium car manufacturer’s subsidiary. Amongst others, the evaluation examined quality, [...]

STAR COOPERATION group reinforces marketing division

18. January 2016|SALES, STAR INTERNAL|

The STAR COOPERATION can report an addition to its Group at the start of the new year. As of 1 January 2016, the Karlsruhe-based full service agency Sense&Image GmbH is part of the company based in Böblingen and will reinforce the Media & Logistics division with strong know-how in creation, app development and 3D. The [...]

Searching for the content minimum – The art of writing at STAR Insight

15. January 2016|STAR INTERNAL|

On 18 February 2016, the STAR COOPERATION uses its first STAR Insight event of the year 2016 to introduce the calligraphy artist Sigrid Artmann with a selection of her work under the title “SO”. With the help of scripture, fonts and calligraphy, she invites the observer to grapple with words, characters and abbreviations and their [...]

Three paths in a shop – optimizing user guidance and conversion

8. January 2016|DIGITIZATION|

Lets imagine that we have gone live with a new online shop and we are puzzled about its bad Performance. The number of visitors, driven by SEO optimization and SEA campaigns, are fine - but the conversion rate and the turnover doesn't seem right. What should you do? It's clear and can be seen in any [...]

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